DIY Leadership Boot Camp: 6 Weeks to Being a Better Team Leader

Effective leadership begins and ends with employee engagement. To successfully engage your team, you need to master six skills:1-on-1 Meetings (4).png


  1. Authentic connection
  2. Candor
  3. High-quality feedback
  4. Active listening
  5. Delegation
  6. Follow-through

The first installment in your Self-Driven Leadership Boot Camp is a visual guide to planning and running effective 1-to-1 meetings. Meeting with individuals takes time out of your day and theirs - so it's imperative that you use that time to get results.

Following this first infographic, you'll receive five additional graphics (one per week) relating to each of the above leadership qualities. For best results, focus on putting each quality into practice as you receive the graphics.

By week six, you should have a solid foundation for your current role and your future advancement as a leader.

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